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Gymnastics achievement

We’re always delighted to hear about our pupils doing well in out of school clubs.  This week one of our pupils earned a bronze British Gymnastics membership.  Read her interview with Ella from our Sports Crew below:

Ella: How old are you?

L: I’m ten

Ella: What club do you go to?

L: I go to a gymnastics club called AAA sports and it’s in the Raich Carter Centre.

Ella: How long have you been going to gymnastics?

L: I’ve being going for one year

Ella: Have you earned any special achievements?

L: I recently earned a bronze for British Gymnastics

Ella: What does this mean for you?

L: It means a lot for me. It means I have worked hard to learn quite hard things like backwards walk overs and hand springs. I’m going to work towards my silver award which is EXTREMELY hard!

Ella: What’s your favourite thing about the club?

L: I like trying to achieve things.

Ella: What things about the your gymnastics club would you recommend to a friend?

L: The coaches are really nice and help support you and help you improve.


If you have any achievements or you enjoy an out of school club that you’d like to share with our School Sports Crew, then see Mrs Parlett or Ella in Y6.

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