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Alan Coates wrote on 20th December 2017:
The true message and spirit of Christmas were seen and heard at today's Carol Service in St. Cuthbert's Church. Wonderful singing and readings enthralled a packed church. Only dedicated staff and much hard work enabled the children to perform at such a high standard.
Fantastically well done to all. You deserve your Christmas holiday.
Dorothy Martin wrote on 20th December 2017:
Gaudete, Gaudete!
Christus et natus
Ex maria virgine,

Rejoice, Rejoice!
Christ is born
Of the virgin Mary,

I did ‘Rejoice’ this afternoon at St. Cuthbert’s whole school carol service in St. Cuthbert’s Church. It was simply stunning from beginning to end. I was deeply touched by the performance of every child, from Reception to Year 6.
The children were wonderful and I would like to say a huge ‘Thank You’ to Mrs. Noble, Mrs. Parlett and all the teachers for giving them the opportunity to shine and be wonderful. Memories are made of this.

It was lovely, too, to hear of Mr. Robertson’s, Head of Music, St.Bede’s, involvement with the choir of St. Cuthbert’s for a whole term. The children did him proud.
Dorothy Martin wrote on 10th November 2017:
John and I were looking forward to today for weeks. Today was the day for the Year 2 Liturgy. And all week our grandson Corey was bringing home his learning about Remembrance Day to share with us. And telling us how the Year 2 pupils take the poppies around the school to sell them in all the classes. He told us, too, how they were writing about Remembrance Day in their R.E. Books and for Big Writing. And he was practising his lines for the Liturgy too. His retelling of the meaning of Remembrance Day and the wearing of the poppy was lovely to hear. Simply and beautifully. He learned his spellings too and did his reading every night like all the boys and girls in the class. And he completed his SPAG homework too.
Friday came. There was tea, also coffee and biscuits before the Liturgy. Corey’s pops (John) said the Liturgy was wonderful. . The children sang beautifully and did their readings clearly.
John 14:27 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.
This beautiful passage from John is so relevant today. And the children read it beautifully during the Gospel reading.
Pops was so proud of them all, especially of our grandson Corey boy. I wasn’t able to go but I enjoyed hearing about it all week from Corey boy and I was so proud of his obvious interest in learning about Remembrance Day and the story of the poppy as he prepared for his class Liturgy.
Thank you Mrs. Wilkinson for all his learning and a beautiful Year 2 Liturgy. xx
Dorothy Martin wrote on 3rd November 2017:
Dorothy Martin 20th October 2017 at 10:38 pm
There is a special magic in St.Cuthbert’s Primary School that touches me evertytime I go in through the front entrance door. It starts with Paula and Rowena, I have put that in alphabetical order just to make sure I can get in next time I ring the bell. And the magic runs through every child and every adult after you meet Paula and Rowena. This week that special magic was palpable as every teacher, in every class led their children in a study of Seaham’s past to gain a wonderful Seaham Heritage award for the school. Their studies, initiated by Mrs. Groark, Humanities Co-ordinator, and proudly supported by Mrs. Noble, Headteacher snaked their way out into the community spreading out to all the families, down through the ages, and their experiences of the development and changes in Seaham going back to Lord Londonderry and his development of Seaham Harbour and his vision for the town of Seaham. All the investigations were taken into the homes of the pupils and Mrs. Noble was rightly immensley impressed by the support from the community in artefacts and stories sent into school. And hugely grateful too. The children’s investigations into the changes combined with the support from families, friends and the wider community led to a fabulous exhibition in Seaham Town Hall. The venue was packed to the doors and the following presentation of the findings in a video diary by Mr. Graeme, complimented by a spoken documentary by representatives from every class in the school was proudly welcomed by a delighted audience who packed the function room in Seaham Town Hall. And the pride in every child, as they sang the lovely song about young lads fnishing school and going down the pits was utterly magical too. A fitting ending to a wonderful presentation. Memories are made of this.
Mrs Groark wrote on 20th October 2017:
A massive big thank you to everyone who made our Heritage Week such a success. It was lovely to see so many people turn up at the Town Hall to look at all the hard work the children have done over the week.
A special big thank you to Elizabeth who inspired us all to learn about the past.
Well done everyone.
michaela wrote on 1st October 2017:
I miss St Cuthberts so much! Wish I could come back, I miss my teachers as well and my buddy Indie.
Maddie wrote on 29th September 2017:
Missing St.Cuthbers already. it feels like an eternity at secondary school. I miss all the teachers and cooks but especially my buddy neave. I wish good luck to the new receptions and the new year sixes.
Alex wrote on 21st July 2017:
I can't believe I left this school today, the school that made me a better person. I would just like to say a special thank you to all of the teachers at St Cuthberts who helped me be who I am today. Thank you to everyone that helped me: Mrs Lamberts, Mrs Cook, Mr Price, Miss Schrouder, Mrs Fitzpatrick, Mrs Donkin, Miss Almes, Miss Murton, Mrs Donnelly, Mrs Parlett, Mrs Sayers, Miss Huntley and Mrs Prest...But even if you didn't teach me you might have ran my boosters or just helped me around school! Thankyou so much to everyone and I'm so sad to leave.
Alison Crozier wrote on 21st July 2017:
It has been a very emotional day for the year 6 children and parents. This mornings assembly was the perfect end to the celebrations . I am proud that my children have been part of the St Cuthbert's 'family' and the warmth that the staff have for all of the children was evident today. Good bye and good luck to all year 6 pupils... Jamie's friends... as they embark on a whole new chapter in their lives xx
Emma wrote on 20th July 2017:
I can't believe it's actually here my last day at St Cuthbert's. It feels like yesterday I walked into Reception for the first time soon I will be walking out for the last time. I have enjoyed all seven years of my time here most of that is due to the amazing people who have surrounded me these last seven years. The teachers and pupils. All of you have been amazing I will never forget any of you. Mrs Donnelly where do I start you have helped me all through my school life but you especially helped during Robinwood whilst I was being sick you stayed up all night and comforted me for this I will always be grateful. Mrs Prest what shall I say you have done so much for me during my seven years at St Cuthberts. You taught be so much of what I know today, you cared for us all during Robinwood and I am proud to say you were my group leader, Go Crag!!! Miss Huntley so much to say but I will start with Sats. Nobody liked Sats at first we all thought it was ages away and it would never come, but we came back to earth with a bump. We started preparing for Sats straight after Christmas our tables were moved and we started revising, yuk! But we needed it and with your help we all got through Sats successfully. The actual week was awful but would have been ten times worse without Miss Huntley. Then just as soon as it came Sats were over, phew! Or so we thought but we still had to do our writing, urgh, and although at the time we were sick of Miss Huntley's nagging in end we really did appreciate it. After that was finished we could really relax. Robinwood kicked off the fun but come Tuesday night we all started to feel a bit yucky. Miss Huntley despite being unwell herself made sure we were as comfortable as possible for this we are all eternally grateful. Mrs Noble you are so kind caring you believe in us all. You have been an inspiration to me all through me school life and I hope many others after me can look to you for guidance and support just like I did.
Friday 21st July will be the saddest day of my life so far. I wish I could stay here but sadly I must leave. Without ALL of the teachers I wouldn't be who I am today for this I must thank you have all been amazing. I am going to miss you all and the pupils to. Some of my class sadly are not coming with me as we move to secondary so I would like them to know I will really truly miss you:..(
For all who made the past seven years of my life the best THANK YOU!!!
Alan and Mary Coates wrote on 20th July 2017:
Today we enjoyed a very happy and thoughtful Mass. The children read and sang beautifully and their behaviour was impeccable.
This afternoon we were at the concert where very talented children played violins, guitars and ukuleles. Their skill on the instruments was excellent due to some first class teaching. Well done to all the children and congratulations to their teachers.
Very sad day tomorrow. Our grand daughter Emma leaves this lovely school to join St. Anthony's. She has loved every minute of her time here and we hope the next 7 years are as joyful and successful. Many thanks to all staff.
We still have two more years here with Sam to look forward to and enjoy.
Dorothy Martin wrote on 19th July 2017:
John and I would like to say a huge 'Thank you' to all the Year 5 and 6 pupils who, last evening, gave us a wonderful treat with their fabulous production of A Midsummer's Night Dream. From the very first moment to the last we were totally entertained and held spellbound by the commitment and passion of every child to make it an end of year show never to be forgotten.
Thank you all. Good luck to Year 6 as you travel on to the next step on
your journey. We wish you every happiness.
And last, but not least, thank you very much to Mrs. Parlett and all the staff who made the Year 6 last performance in St. Cuthbert's one they will never forget.
Alan Coates wrote on 18th July 2017:
A year ago I wrote that I had just seen the best school production in my experience. Wrong! Tonight Years 5 and 6 performed A Midsummer Night's Dream that was even better. A fantastic, fabulous feast of entertainment performed by very talented children and produced by dedicated and professional staff. Congratulations to all staff and children.
Last year it was "Fab-u-lous"
This year "Fab-u-lous plus"
Mrs Parlett wrote on 18th July 2017:
Year 5 & 6 I am SO proud of you! You were fabulous on Thursday last week and, I don't know how you managed it after such a busy day with sports day and the fair, but you were even better tonight. Year 5 you sang your hearts out despite being so tired! Year 6, each one of you really shone tonight - your performances were way better than anything I have ever seen in a primary school before. Well done each and every one of you, what a wonderful way to finish your time with us at St Cuthbert's.
Mrs Lambert wrote on 18th July 2017:
I would just like to say a BIG thank you to Year 1 parents for the gift card. I'm very touched by your kindness. I plan to treat myself to a lovely piece of jewellery. That way I will have a lovely keepsake. It's been a pleasure to teach your children this year and I wish them all the very best for Year 2. Once again THANK YOU.
Libby Greenwell wrote on 13th July 2017:
Well done Mrs Parlett. Another fabulous production by Year 6 Leavers. All the children were fabulous..Good luck for Tuesdays performance.
Alan Coates wrote on 12th July 2017:
On Monday, to my surprise and delight, I received a lovely gift from the football team, Mrs Prest and Mrs Donnelly for refereeing their games this season. I have thoroughly enjoyed the games and the children have been a delight. They are so well behaved on the field as well as being a talented group of footballers. Mrs Prest and Mrs Donnelly are so keen that their enthusiasm is reflected on the field and credit must go to them also. I hope that I am invited back next season. Well done to all of you.
Mrs Parlett wrote on 7th July 2017:
Well done to our Year 1 & 2 dance club for a joyful and toe-tapping performance for parents last night. I know Miss Armes and Mrs Strong are so proud of you for your enthusiasm and hard work. Your special visitors and I thoroughly enjoyed watching you all - you brought big smiles to all our faces. And a special mention to James, our Year 4 leader, who helped our younger pupils brilliantly. His dedication to sport this year has been fantastic.
Mary and Alan Coates wrote on 19th May 2017:
Thank you Mrs. Eadsforth and Year 4 for a delightful and thoughtful class assembly. What a lovely family and caring school St. Cuthbert's is.
Helen Coates wrote on 18th May 2017:
I have just come back from the dance show case. The children's performance was fantastic and I left feeling extremely proud that my children had been part of it. The biggest thank you goes out to Mrs Strong and Miss Armes for all their hard work and for giving up their free time to teach the children the dances and for being there tonight. Well Done to you all.
Alan Coates wrote on 18th May 2017:
Congratulations to Mrs. Strong, Miss Armes and all the children who took part in the Dance Showcase tonight. It was a fabulous performance and obviously a massive amount of hard work had gone into preparing for tonight, Well done everyone and a big thank you to all.
michaela wrote on 8th May 2017:
Today I just did my first sats test and it was not as bad as I thought I am really happy because this year I have improved in alot of stuff and thank you to all the teachers that have helped me.
Miss Huntley wrote on 7th May 2017:
Good luck year 6, you have all worked so hard we are all extremely proud of each and every one of you!
Dorothy Martin wrote on 6th May 2017:
Thank you to St. Cuthbert's School Choir for a stunning performance at the Easter Vigil. Our family was very moved by your beautiful voices. When I first read the order of service and the hymns to be sung I thought the level of difficulty might be above the experience and ability of such young children.
But I was proved totally, and happily, wrong.
The school choir handled it like pros. They were clear, confident and note perfect as their voices soared up to the rafters and throughout the church.
Thank you to the choir, Mrs. Noble and all the adults who have worked with the children, to bring about a memorable performance.
Dorothy Martin wrote on 5th May 2017:
A special mention for Emma, Year 6, when did a reading at the Easter Vigil. Emma read beautifully. It was a joy to listen to her as she read perfectly, with a lovely quiet confidence. Well done Emma. John, my husband, said you read like a professional. xx
Ryan D wrote on 27th April 2017:
The footy season has finished. I've enjoyed being captain. It has been a good season but unfortunately we didn't win any trophies. I thought the lads played really well and I hope they do even better next year.
Dorothy Martin wrote on 1st April 2017:
Year 6 Liturgy, on Friday, March 31st, was, I felt, profound. There was a depth to it that was very emotive and all consuming. I was totally engaged from the first moment the first child spoke. It was educational, informing us about the plight of refugees worldwide, with a huge world map on the whiteboard where a child showed us the key areas throughout the world where refugees come from. It was a Liturgy where Year 6 raised our awareness and gave us the facts about refugees worldwide. I was deeply touched by how they put it across. And they linked it beautifully to the question of, 'Who is our neighbour?' with their Bible story of The Good Samaritan. They also showed us how, as a whole school, St. Cuthbert's collect money, throughout Lent, for CAFOD, money which will help refugees.
Year 6 sang beautifully and invited us to join in their prayers which they prayed with great reverence.
We, as a family, were deeply touched by this wonderfully informative, educational, prayerful, spiritual and moving assembly which through the eyes of every child in Year 6 definitely raised our awareness of the importance of loving, caring and forgiving each other.
Thank you Year 6 and Miss Huntley. You did a great job together.
Dorothy Martin wrote on 1st April 2017:
Over the last two weeks we have had the opportunity to be present for two class liturgies ... Year 1 and Year 6. And they were both special. Our grandson Corey is in Year 1 and our grandson Shay is in Year 6.
Year 1 Liturgy on the 24th. March had the theme, 'Mother's Day'.
It was a beautiful Liturgy, from beginning to end, with every child touching our hearts with their beautiful singing, prayers and loving messages to their mams. Every message to a Mam was met with 'oohs' and 'aaahs' from the everyone in the appreciative audience. I think all our hearts were touched by the innocence and beauty, and often humour, in every message. There was laughter and tears of joy too from happy and proud parents and grandparents. I was amazed at all the lovely songs Year 1 had learned and sang out so clearly. Their speaking out was impressive too. They are growing and gaining in confidence every day. Lovely to see. Thank you to Mrs. Lambert and all the staff who teach, love and care for them every day, in every way.
Mrs Strong wrote on 30th March 2017:
Just wanted to say a massive well done to all our fabulous dancers who went to the Dance Festival yesterday! You performed your socks off. Well done everyone but especially those boys and girls who were there for the very first time and for some the very first time dancing on a stage for an audience, You were fantastic, both myself and Miss Armes are so proud of you.
Soljimaria Samuel wrote on 29th March 2017:
I have studied at St. Cuthbert's about 8 years ago in year 3. I am so glad to see that there are not many changes to the playground. I still remember the previous head teacher giving me a sticker and also my year 3 teacher teaching me times tables. Really happy to see the new teachers and I am missing those days.
easter bunny wrote on 28th March 2017:
hoppedy hoppedy hop! i hope all of the children are behaving themselves leading up to easter! we will be surprising you with lots of eggs and chocolate!

PS children, always behave yourselves for the easter bunny and especially your parents.
i hope you get lots of eggs from your family (i will be bringing some too)
have a happy easter boys and girls!
Kane wrote on 15th March 2017:
I love using the iPads and laptops with Mr Graham. Today I coloured in a cow picture and made it come to life with the iPad. It was amazing. Last week I played on the lego game to make the robot move direction. Mr Graham said he had never seen anyone get past level 6 and I did it. Thank you Mr Graham and Mrs Lambert
Mrs Parlett wrote on 15th February 2017:
Wow! I've had a fantastic night at St Cuthbert's Cafe for cookery club's Valentine's meal with Miss Hodgson as my date for the night! The food was fantastic and all of your special guests loved the evening. We were very proud of your skills, effort and team work. Thank you all so much for inviting me. Needless to say, without Mrs McGann, Mrs Prest and Mrs Donnelly this amazing opportunity for our Year 5 pupils wouldn't be possible so a huge thank you to them as well.
Catherine Dunn wrote on 15th February 2017:
Had a fantastic night at the yr 5 cookery clubs 3 course valentines meal tonight. Food and company were great. Children had worked so hard and the food tasted lovely. Well done to our daughter Lily and her friends Hannah, Casey-Leigh, Fran, May, Louin, Oliver and Matthew and Mrs prest, McGann and Donnelly.
Charlotte T wrote on 15th February 2017:
I'm loving my time in Year 4. Mrs Eadsforth is really nice and helping me learn my timetables very quickly. I hope her ankle gets better soon because people keep kicking it. I will miss her when I go into Year 5 but I will probably enjoy Year 5 with Miss Parlett.


Alicia Thompson year4 wrote on 13th February 2017:
Gail Robinson thankyou very much for leaning and teaching us the pretsle and the butterfly these moves are very amazing and i can finally do the pretsle and the butterfly.

thankyou Gail Robinson great skipping teacher xxx
Stephanie Milne wrote on 10th February 2017:
What a lovely school, everyone makes you feel so welcome. The staff are all willing to help and all of the children are kind, thoughtful and polite. I look forward to working with you all again soon!
Gail Robinson wrote on 10th February 2017:
Wow! St Cuthbert's RC - you are now a skipping school!

Y3 and Y4 children - you have been fantastic listeners and have a brilliant attitude. I am looking forward to working with the skip team in March 🙂

Thank you for making me feel so welcome in your lovely school. Keep smiling and skipping!

Gail Robinson
Skipping School.
Alicia Thompson wrote on 6th February 2017:
Hope you get better Mrs Eadsforth
Maria Varley wrote on 2nd February 2017:
As the governor responsible for literacy, I enjoyed my school visit today and listened to readers from every class. I also managed to look at lots of examples of work in books. I was very impressed with the effort made by the children and the teacher's comments and marking.